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Why adult classified ads of celebrity are all fake?

Often in your online strolls within your fave adult sites, you are likely to come across ads that for a moment look like they have a celebrity featuring in them. These ads will always get you no matter how many times you look at them or try to ignore them.
Wait, is that a naked Nicki Minaj? Seriously?
A closer look will reveal that the models in the ads are always fake. Every. Single. Time.
But why are adult classified ads of celebrities always fake, you groan? Well, here are several reasons why:
Strict crackdown by celebrities’ PR teams

Celebrities worth their salt are always looking to maintain a socially acceptable reputation in order to maintain the business end of their art. They have a team of PR workers dedicated to building and guarding this image and they know adult appearances would likely cause a business-hurting public uproar.
These teams keep a hawk eye on sites that may be tarnishing the celebrities’ names with the least bit of negativity, leave alone nudes. If they find such a site, they fly in with lawsuits and other claims that would likely bring an adult ad site like┬áplus18ads to its knees.
To avoid such tussles, few ad site companies would dare put up nudes or adult videos of celebrities. They resort to fake celebrity ads. Usually, these ads feature the celebrities look-alikes combined with a lot of editing to make them appear authentic. Not that celebrities would not crack on this too if they had the chance.
Hiring the real celebrity would be too expensive

Even if there were a celebrity crazy enough to appear in an adult classified, the fee would be exorbitant. No, stop thinking about that crazy celeb you are picturing. Even they have pretty sober handlers.
Having a celeb perform at a simple event costs a fortune. Having them in a PG-rated advert is beyond most companies budgets. Now imagine having them to undress for an adult classified!
Even Warren Buffet with all that fortune always tried to avoid this route!
Where would ad sites even find these celebrities?

Many companies running adult classified ads are backroom outfits that would not even know where to find these celebrities if it was the last thing they did with their existence. Their owners behind the scenes are just ordinary folk like the content consumers who also beat off to the fantasy of the celebs they depict.
They, however, have a fertile creativity and will not hesitate to compensate for the fact that the real person is unreachable with a fake ad. Just a remote look-alike and some decent editing software skills and fap! Celeb created!
Celeb appeal

Despite celebrities being unavailable and unaffordable, adult classified ad producers are well alive to the appeal these people have on their audiences. A fake celebrity ad is likely to drive clicks ten times more than a genuine ad with an unknown model would. So why not capitalize on the masses thirst for celebrities with a fake ad?
It hurts no one, really.