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Month: September 2017

HTC vive porn of celebrity – How to watch?

Watching videos using VR is the newest trend and the demand of VR headsets are on the rise. Taking videos to a whole new level and making them seem more real, VR headsets are excellent inventions. VR porn videos of celebrity are one such example that has taken the world by storm. If watching porn on your computer, TV or mobile devices were not enough for you and did not make you feel satisfied and you want a little extra, VR porn videos are going to deliver you that real-like experience.

There are a number of VR headsets that lets you watch videos or play fun games and HTC Vive is the first of its kind. HTC Vive is potentially the best VR headset out there that will fulfill all your expectations when watching celebrity porn.
How to use HTC Vive to watch VR porn videos of celebrities
There are two methods that you can choose to watch VR porn videos on HTC vive. One is a bit expensive method where you need to spend about $15. The other method will cost you around $4.

Paid method – Steam VR
Step 1: At first, you need to download two important software – Steam and Steam VR.
Step 2: Next move is to purchase an app called Virtual Desktop, priced around 15$, get it downloaded and installed on Steam.
Step 3: After that you need to open the Virtual desktop app and you can find it on the left sidebar, after clicking on software that is contained in the “library” option. Click on ‘Launch’ to get it started. An important thing to consider is, you need to launch the virtual desktop app on the Stream VR version. A pop-up window will appear after clicking on launch and if you put your HTC Vive on, you will be able to see the virtual desktop running.
Step 4: It is finally time to open the celebrity porn file that you would like to watch. Go to the videos section that is at the top of the settings page, put the cursor on the particular video and click open. Now, you are ready to be entertained.

Using Whirligig
Step 1: First, you need to download the whirligig installer on steam, that will cost you around $4.
Step 2: You need to setup whirligig by agreeing to its terms and conditions and selecting the location to which you want to install it. After you’re done installing it, you can see whirligig app running when you put on your VR headset.
Step 3: Installing the K-Lite Codec Pack is required. This will allow you to watch the majority of vr porn videos which otherwise would not have been possible as there would be a lot of compatibility issues and you would be flooded with error messages.
Step 4: After getting K-Lite Codec installed, you need to restart whirligig so that you can run the application. Go the whirligig controls page, which will help you to navigate to the location of the video file and then click open to watch the particular porn video.
The method that uses Stream VR is undoubtedly easier to use but you need to spend some money on it to purchase it in order to enjoy porn on HTC vive. On the other hand, whirligig is more complex and you will face certain issues.

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